Why Do We Love Our Phones?

Posted on: January 7, 2019

Vanderbilt University Psychology Professor Jacob J. Hamman listed on an article published on The Conversation three reasons why men and women fall in love with their phones to the point of virtually being unable to live without them and even at lost in case of malfunction.

  • Cellphones become an extension of your self

According to Psychology, the principle of “extended self” consists in the realization one has from a young age that their self is composed not only by their body or mental faculties but also by surrounding objects, such as clothes, toys, pacifier etc. Seeing as technology is an intrinsic part of the present and future generations’ lives since infancy, and cellphones are its main point of access, it is now increasingly common for phones to be the first object to participate in the extension of their “self”.

  • Chemical reactions

Due to the early attachment that we develop with phones, holding the device leads our brains to create dopamine, involved in memory and pleasure; and oxytocin, which among others yields a sense of attachment and empathy in people. Thereby, we create feelings of belonging and attachment to the device, which over time knows its owner so well that its absence causes them to experience quick pangs of anxiety upon noticing they forgot their phone elsewhere and do not have it on them at that precise moment.

  • Need to produce and reproduce

Anthropologist Michael Taussig claims that when we try to change or improve ourselves it is in our “second nature to copy, imitate, make models, [and] explore difference”. Cellphones bolster that to an unimaginable extent from the moment we take photos and selfies, engage ourselves in discussions and conversations through chat apps or social networks and search for various information. Search tools used on phones, e.g. Google, are expected to have a 75% growth by 2021.

These are only some of the explanations as to why phones and the apps we install quickly have become the major point for impact generation and communication with potential clients and business partners – thus making indispensable that your company or brand have a dedicated app that is part of such an essential device to everyone’s lives.

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