US is one of the countries that most uses mobile apps per day

Posted on: November 20, 2018

According to the Annie app company, a specialist in market research, United States is the fourth country in the world that uses more applications per month: more than 35 different apps are used monthly by the US population on their cell phones. When we talk about how many different applications are opened per day, the Americans starts about 10 programs a day on their smartphones!

These numbers (which you can check in the full survey by clicking here) only demonstrate our intimacy with the mobile phone and with the specific services that the apps can offer. This is causing countless companies to offer diverse advantages through unique applications for their clients, such as 24-hour service for miscellaneous services (ranging from insurance companies and health plans) to startups born from that tool – thanks to them, you find various apps where you can click to park your car or even rent your car, buy or sell an apartment with few clicks in the palm of your hand.

What are all these companies, from startups to big names in the market, winning at the same time and in the same measure? Visibility and closeness to your audience. As stated above, the Americans is already intimate with the mobile applications and give preference to services and contents of a brand that has a unique app that offers something different for him.

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