Keep your retail clients loyal with your store’ own, exclusive app!

Posted on: January 16, 2019

As the world becomes increasingly more mobile, just regular visits to the store are not enough for loyal clients anymore: they expect establishments and brands to reach them via phone, so they can purchase the same products anywhere, with just a few taps on their mobile.

Offer these and other conveniences and services through your retail’s own, exclusive application. This way, clients will remain loyal at all times, including if they transition from physical retail store to e-commerce – even increasing your sales!

  • Provide crucial information about your business to clients, such as shop addresses, opening hours and others
  • Reward your shoppers’ loyalty by awarding them various prizes such as special discounts via the app
  • Through the app’s calendar, let your clients know about the events that you have been planning in your store, e.g. discount days and celebrations
  • Clients will be able to make comments about each product in the app, influencing your online reputation and SEO ranking
  • Collect client information and build a mailing database to announce deals, sales, and other store updates easily
  • Use the app’s push notification feature so you can immediately inform your loyal clients about updates such as lightning deals

VirtualNet masters the best technologies for building applications and can create an app that meets your needs with a cost-benefit much lower than you might think. Don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a meeting so that together we can design the most effective tool for building and managing your brand’s digital presence.

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