How much does it cost to create a good mobile app?

Posted on: February 7, 2019

Let’s be honest here: a good mobile app does not come cheap. And by “good app” we mean one that is available for Android and iOS, where every promised feature is enabled and working, that does cause older phones to crash (after all, it is everyone’s right to still use them), that does not take up too much storage space on a smartphone, and, most of all, that never leaves the user in the lurch.

To ensure you will deliver to your clients a high-quality application like the one described above, a team of experts who are valued in their industries is a must. We are talking about specialists such as UX designer, graphic designer, developers, programmers, amongst many others, who need to be involved in the project – which is even more important in case the app is the cornerstone of a fresh, new brand that has yet to establish itself in the market. For instance, a food delivery company that claims to serve their clients exclusively through the app cannot afford to offer a faulty one because if the application has one or more issues, then both the business as well as the brand have issues too. 

Another misconception in regards to building an app that might be held by non-experts is that the job requires only a programmer. Actually, in order for the service to arrive on your client’s phones, several other stages are just as, if not more important than “getting the hands dirty.” It is crucial to develop a rock-solid concept and strategy for the application and the services it will offer, in addition to thoroughly think about how the design and usability can best match the targeted audience. Unless all of that is done with excellence before writing the code, trial phases are doomed to flop.

Now that you know the number, and level of expertise, of the professionals involved and also the dedication required to create an application, how much would you pay for your company to have one of its own?

VirtualNet masters the best technologies for building applications and can create an app that meets your needs with a cost-benefit much lower than you might think. Don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a meeting so that together we can design the most effective tool for building and managing your brand’s digital presence.

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